Why I Love the Roxy

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on July 12, 2011

I remember the first time that I came to an audition at the Roxy. It was last fall and I was hoping for the roll of Belinda Cratchet in a Christmas Carol. When they called me on stage I knew that all eyes were on me. Adrenaline and nervousness lurched through my body and raced down my spine. It was the best feeling I ever had. Whenever I think of this I have to laugh to myself, because ever since that audition the Roxy has become my second home.

The Roxy has given me numerous opportunities to enjoy theatre. After A Christmas Carol was over I signed up for Saturday school at the Roxy. We learned dances, read plays, learned how to act and worked on a junior version of Huckleberry Finn: Big River. The play opened after Saturday class ended and ran until May. Saturday school also gave me the opportunity to audition for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat. I play the part of Benjamin and have loved it since I was casted. Joseph ends on July 16 so be sure not to miss this opportunity to see the show. I will be returning to the Roxy in August for the Sound of Music, which still has me in awe!

The Roxy has changed my perspective of the Arts, and everyone else should have the opportunity to have their perspective changed too. Please support the Roxy so that it can continue to do so. Thank you!

——— Madeline O’Connor

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