Roxy – A True Ensemble Experience

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on February 3, 2011

Ain’t Misbehavin rehearsals have started, and while I am not in the show, I am helping out however I can! Kendall and I are going to run the spotlights for the show, and I am excited to work on the “backstage” side of things. The Roxy was acknowledged by’s Jeffrey Ellis as one of the best ensemble productions. The idea of ensemble is such an important one in theatre. It is a rare event when a group of actors come together to play a myriad of roles of all kinds and sizes, and despite the difference in a leading role versus ensemble member, they all work together to create a balanced show where every person on stage is important and necessary. Having a balanced ensemble of actors working together towards a common goal of making the best production they can is truly rare. This is what we have achieved with our production of “Once Upon A Time.” But this kind of working together is not just important in casts, but in whole theatres between actors, directors, designers, creative staff, and everyone in between. Kendall and I were talking about the idea that, for a production to be successful, everyone has to work together – not only doing what they are required to do, but jumping in and helping out however they can with whatever they can to make the production as best as it can be. The Roxy has a knack for finding people who believe in this idea of an ensemble working together toward a common goal – and it shows in their productions.

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