Dream Com True

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on March 12, 2011

About three weeks ago, I turned on to Franklin St. and with a picture and resume in hand I walked through the door of my home town theatre, The Roxy! I didn’t expect what would happen next. John called me up about two weeks later and asked me to read a part in Hamlet. Long story short, he offered me a role in Hamlet and I couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity. The way the Roxy has welcomed me, has made me feel right at home with all of the other actors. Of course, I am home and I’ve grown up watching plays at the Roxy almost my entire life. I’ve idolized the actors that I’ve seen on stage here throughout the years. It is such a blessing for me to be working and learning from these very talented people.

Most of these actors don’t live in Clarksville and don’t know all of the secrets of this town. I feel it is my duty to help them get to know this place a little better. Well, actually I’ve been slacking on my duty, but everyone in the cast knows “Johnny’s Big Burger” is the best Burger in town. Whether they’ve been there or not isn’t up to me. Hey, you can lead a horse to Johnny’s but you can’t make him eat a Honey bun and cream!

The show is absolutely brilliant. It is a beautiful thing to watch a cast of actors come together for the sake of a show. The talent here is mind blowing! I still get chills and I’ve seen the show twenty times.There are no egos here. Everyone understands that this is all about putting on a great production for the city of Clarksville, and this is a great production.

— Joe Walsh

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