Coming Full Circle

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on March 21, 2011

Ryan Bowie who made his Roxy debut last season as Jinx in FOREVER PLAID, has since appeared in INTO THE WOODS (The Baker), DRACULA (Jonathan Harker), AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS and A CHRISTMAS CAROL.  Other past performance credits include Freddy in MY FAIR LADY with the Maples Repertory Theatre and Matt in THE FANTASTICK’S with the Seagle Music Colony.

As I continue on as an actor and also the new Director of Fundraising and Development at the Roxy, I have recently moved my “home-base” from New York City to Clarksville in January. I bought a house just up the hill from the Roxy and am very proud to call Clarksville my home.

When I came to the Roxy, in May of 2010, I had only signed on the dotted line for the role of Jinx in Forever Plaid but after cast changes and turning down a gig in New York I was able to stay on for the Baker in Into the Woods. But, it didn’t take that long for me to understand and come to love and appreciate all that was going on at the Roxy and the overall goal for not only downtown but all of Clarksville with the New Center for Arts and Education.

I was honored to be asked to return to the Roxy in the fall as a company member for the 2011 season. As I did, I became more involved in the development and fundraising side of the theatre. John, Tom and myself always joked about me staying and buying the Mostessori School house on Madison Street and fixing it up and making my life in Clarksville. I never thought those talks would end in me actually relocating to Clarksville. As I became more and more serious about staying on full time with the Roxy, the search began and I found the house I would learn to quickly call home.

When I was in New York and when I wasn’t on contract outside the city, which was not often, I worked at the Roundabout Theatre Company, also working on Fundraising. But my training in this area did not start there. While I was still in college, performing with the Seagle Music Colony, I was being groomed in the area of, what I like to call, “schmoozing.” I would attend all of the event and parties and began to learn the art of fundraising on a personal level, which I feel is key. Move ahead in my life almost 8 years and I am using the skills I learned at the Colony and the Rounabout right here in Clarksville.

I always think it is funny how your life can come full circle. When I was going to these events eight years ago, I had no idea that I was learning any more than how to better promote my own business as solely an actor. But now, looking back, I know that I was being readied for a job to come. I am so grateful to Darren Woods and Tony Kostecki and Gavin Brown for taking me under their wings and teaching me everything they know and now I can use these skills to make the Roxy Regional Theatre not only the best it can be but also enable this building to be named The Roxy Regional Theatre Center for Arts and Education.

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