A Personal Connection

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on June 2, 2011

John Denver. The name resonates something deep inside me. The man, the music, and the life begs us all to stop, breathe, and take a good look at our place in this world. It brings to life the beauty of our home on earth. It pierces your heart with love and loss. It allows your soul to get lost in the melody and the meaning.

My hometown, Nashville, is full of songwriters pouring their lives out for anyone who will listen. But Mr. Denver had a unique talent that was so simple, yet so profound. His life was over far too soon, but not before he was able to leave his footprint on American music. His songs have travelled the globe. He was also an avid activist and humanitarian. Who can imagine where he would be and how this world might be different if he was still here today?

My time at the Roxy Regional Theatre has been short, but already meaningful. The company, the project, and John Denver himself, have made it special. I am so blessed to have my soul fed everyday by this man’s music. It has a little bit for everyone, and the cast does an amazing job of engaging the audience on the journey. Whether to Montana, Colorado, the Rocky Mountains, or just on a jet plane, “Almost Heaven” invites you on this timeless adventure.
– – Erica Haines

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