The Show Must Go On

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on June 3, 2011

Why do we do this business called show? While studying theatre in college, I had a professor tell me, “If you can imagine yourself doing anything else, do it.” Well, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else but performing and working in the theatre.

It is never ones intention to have anything go wrong in a production or any wrenches thrown in during the run, but there is the occasional time that such things do happen. I remember working in on a production in New York where an actor was fired during the run of show and it threw the entire cast for a loop. However, the commitment and dedication the replacement actor brought to the show only strengthened the cast.

The Roxy is no exception to this “show must go on” mentality. In our Saturday School of the Arts classes we work very hard on not only teaching our young actors about the theatre and how to better hone their craft, but also the dedication and commitment the theatre requires.

We had one of our professional company members, Travis Kendrick, step up to the plate this week and do just that in our performances of Big River. As our Saturday classes come to an end this season, I can think of no better example to provide our students about the commitment and dedication to making the show a success.

It was a very fascinating and proud moment to watch all of our students come together and help out a fellow actor, professional or not, to aide in making the show a success. Our assistant stage manager, Hannah Kitterman and one of our leading actors, Christian Boyd, came in early to run over the blocking with Travis in the Other Space, “the boys” worked on the choreography in the terrazzo, and Haedyn King rehearsed one of the Duke scenes in middle of the lobby. It is this kind of commitment and team effort that makes all of the Saturday classes worth it. They have actually taken something from all their time spent at the Roxy and that makes us all feel good about our jobs and ultimately leaving the arts in the capable hands of these young actors.
– – Ryan Bowie

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