THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW Opens Tonight at 8pm for Pay-What-You-Can

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on October 10, 2014

“Life is everything. Life is God. All is changing and moving, and that motion is God. To love life is to love God.” [Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace]

It took me all summer, but I finished it.

It seems I just put away my sweaters, and now it’s time to take them out again. The holidays are tumbling into one another — Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas — with no semblance of preparedness.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, with Tommy Winters, Leslie Greene, Cameron Perry, Michael Spaziani and Allie McCaw, plays its pay-what-you-can preview tonight at 8pm. All tickets not previously sold go on sale at 7:30pm for whatever price you want to pay.

Children’s auditions for A Christmas Carol‘s Cratchit children — Martha, Peter, Belinda and Tiny Tim — are set for Monday, October 27, at 5pm. Auditions will consist of reading from the script.

And a spectacular performance of the musical Little Women is scheduled for Thanksgiving Day at 7pm.

Since arriving here in ’83, I had wished for some sort of clearing house through which to check dates for events to prevent so much overlap. You cannot go to all of them if they are held on the same day. I had rather hoped the Chamber of Commerce would have been able to take that on, but it didn’t happen. Perhaps the Clarksville Arts & Heritage Development Council could add that to their already busy schedule, just some place where one could find out which days were free and which days were already overloaded by annual events, fundraisers, festivals, weddings, etc.

Four important people were left off my list for deep and sincere thanks during our recent 32nd Anniversary Gala.

Michelle Dickerson has headed up and made Frolic on Franklin happen for five years, which under her super supervision has grown into a wonderful celebration of the arts. And who would have ever thought, like the First Thursday ArtWalk, it would grow into something truly awe-inspiring?

Our own Jim Knoll Retired policeman, actor and retired policeman now with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, has always been there for Frolic and the Gala, dressed in full uniform to add that official stamp of approval to our event.

Sergeant Duncan and young people from Kenwood High’s JROTC for years have carted eight huge wooden totems from the balcony, down two flights of stairs, and back up again at the end of Frolic on Franklin. No one has ever complained, but I was tired of being the proverbial Egyptian task master. So I asked our intern, Truman Jepson, to dismantle them, and next year we will use something much lighter and much more creative.

Glenn Edgins of The Framemaker always donates his talent and expertise to add to a number of artists’ work for our auction. His eye for color mats and frames to enhance an artist’s work is phenomenal. Glenn’s shop across from Clarksville Academy isn’t easy to find, but, in doing so, you have a treat in store.

Now on to Gone with the Wind

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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