The Civil War: A Human Experience

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on April 22, 2011

Ryan Bowie who made his Roxy debut last season as Jinx in FOREVER PLAID, has since appeared in INTO THE WOODS (The Baker), DRACULA (Jonathan Harker), AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, BEA(U)TIFUL IN THE EXTREME and THE CIVIL WAR. Other past performance credits include Freddy in MY FAIR LADY with the Maples Repertory Theatre and Matt in THE FANTASTICK’S with the Seagle Music Colony.

It’s opening night!  A familiar line from the musical “The Producers” but also a familiar line coming from the actors mouths at the Roxy Regional Theatre tonight.  We are opening the musical “The Civil War” this evening with our pay-what-you-can night starting at 8pm.

This has been an amazing journey and has become, for me, one of those shows that I am so proud of and one I will never forget.  From the opening chords of this score, you know that you are going to be in for a powerful evening.  And we have created just that on stage at the Roxy.

Once again the geniuses of John McDonald and Tom Thayer and Adam Kurtz will amaze the audience from the moment they step into the theatre.  Adam has been working very hard on the lights and sound and the multimedia that will be playing in the back of the set.  John, with the help of Tom, has created a beautiful set that pulls together life in during the Civil War in one unit set.  Tom has once again been the fearless leader as director and musical director and as he said in our final dress rehearsal yesterday, “this is the production Frank Wildhorn would have wanted on Broadway” and that is thanks to him.

We have also assembled a fantastic cast of actors coming from all regions of the United States to present and pay respect to a war that had such impact on our country.  I think each of us can say we have learned a lot about the Civil War and it’s people since beginning this project only 10 short days ago.

This production of “The Civil War” will take the audience further than the textbooks and what they learned in school.  It gives a human perspective to this war not just the facts and statistics.   As a cast, we have been working hard on making these characters “real people.”  It was a much different time in the 1860’s as the threat of war was near.  I can’t help but think of the scene from “Gone With The Wind” when the declaration of war occurs at the barbeque and the men are so excited to enlist.  They were excited to fight for their cause and excited to go to war.  No one thought it was going to last as long as it did.

So, come to the Roxy Regional Theatre this weekend or anytime Wednesday through Saturday from now until May 21 and see this fantastically moving production of “The Civil War.”  The Roxy is also giving a military discount on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s for the run of this production with a two for one deal on tickets.

See you at the theatre.

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