Supporters and Volunteers Make Frolic and Gala a Success

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on September 27, 2013

I hadn’t worn a proper pair of shoes in well over three months, and I had not been up past 7:30pm.

However, Spamalot changed all of that. On opening night, my bedtime was past 11:00pm, with an alarm set for 4:00am the following morning to prepare for Frolic on Franklin and the Roxy Gala.

Tents went up at 7:00am, the Roxy Moms set up the soup station, I made coffee, and Ryan Bowie toasted bagels for the early-bird workers. Artisans and local crafters added color and diversity to the street, and the Franklin Street merchants had one of their best days.

I must give an accolade to 11-year-old Matthew Mund, a young gentleman volunteer who, though small in stature, managed a man’s effort in arranging chairs, carting chests of ice, and loading and unloading any and everything needed to make Frolic and the Gala the huge successes they were.

Much praise and deep, sincere thanks go to those visual artists who willingly gave of their talents with beautiful and unique pieces of art, auctioned impressively by Sammy Stuard, who has led our fundraiser for over 20 years.

Considerable gratitude goes to Gala attendees Herb, Sallie & Lillie Baggett, Courtney Berlyak, Richard & Lisa Conklin-Bishop, Stuart & Peggy Bonnington, Jerry & Brenda Bowie, Dr. Joseph & Nancye Britton, Susan Bryant & Billy Renkl, Budweiser of Clarksville, John & LuAnnette Butler, Britney Campbell, Chris & Kimberlee Cavin, Clarksville Dental Center, Cindy Clements, Dr. Hunter R. Clouse, Connie Cottrell, John Davis, Dr. Ernest & Joan DeWald, Dan & Michelle Dickerson, Monica Drake & Mitchell Ketchens, Dr. Mac & Linda Edington, Conrad & Alison Edington, Alan & Karen Edmundson, Christine Everett, F&M Bank, Stephanie & Jason Farrell, Leah Foote, Brian, Josie & Brianna Fuller, Ruth Ann Gammons, Dr. Richard & Meredith Gildrie, Larry & Barbara Goolsby, Dr. William & Stephanie Grabenstein, Kenneth Grambihler, Senator Mark Green, Kay Haase, Mike & Suzanne Harris, Tim & Maureen Harvey, Evans & Sherri Harvill, Sal & Andrea Herrera, Richard & Mary Jo Hogan, Kenneth & Jacqueline Hudson, Elizabeth Hurlbut, Scott & Lynn Jensen, Marion Jewell, Bruce & Debbie Jobe, Marsha Johnson, Mark Kelly, Paige King, Drs. Thomas & Vicki King, Barry Kitterman & Jill Eichhorn, Nancy Ladd, Judy & Fred Landiss, Timothy & Kris Lee, Joan Lillard, Marge Lillard, David Magers, Jim & Dottie Mann, Walter & Cindy Marczak, Ron & Suzanne McCafferty, Mayor Kim & Larry McMillan, Jordan & Matt McWhirter, Ron & Karen Parr-Moody, Judy Morgan, Dr. Gary & Janet Mund, Linda Nichols, Doug & Nancy O’Brien, Nicole O’Connor, Jimmy & Lena Orgain, Jim & Lee Anne Orgain, The Patmore Family, Planters Bank, Dr. & Mrs. Derek Renfroe, Mike & Patti Ritter, Tish & Bruce Rudd, Elise Shelton, Linda Shephard, Judi & Wayne Sinks, Khandra Smalley, Sammy Stuard, Joel & Elizabeth Thomas, Stacy Turner & Matt Sonneby, Bill Wakefield, Steven M. Walker, Dr. Howard & Patricia Winn, Ben & Erin Webber, and Mary Nell Wooten.

My feet were beat!

Spamalot continues through October 19. See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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