Shopping Locally Is Best Gift for Downtown Clarksville

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on December 9, 2011

I wince to think that I said the holidays had sprung too early, and in all my eagerness to be the best Boy Scout, “prepared” finds me still at a loss for what to give and to whom.

I have the annual cast party coming, so I did the right thing on Saturday of Black Friday weekend and shopped downtown at our local shops. But, valiant efforts notwithstanding, the video I had hoped would come out in time to be given to the friend who gave me the book version to read, came and was gotten at my new Sunday haunt, Books-A-Million.

Ryan Bowie, in his eager, buoyant youth, asked if I had a bucket list. “What?!” thought I. “No,” I said, “I’ve done it all.” But he gave me an idea for a Christmas gift. I’m wondering if ARTifacts has any buckets …

Brianna Hertzberg is a coffee aficionado, so Grant Thomson at the New South Coffee Company will certainly proffer me a gift card.

Leah Sugerman is the most petite of Mrs. Cratchits, and I’m very fond of Rogate Hadley and Anne Head of Rogate’s Boutique. They have a great “Clarence” rack and a bin of “on sale” things to which I’m drawn like the proverbial moth. My best friend Leslie has gotten a number of “Clarence” things from Rogate’s, and so too will Leah.

Our new downtown neighbor, Sally Chrestman-Moore, with the bright pink hair, at The Pink Banana, has something, perhaps a personalized wreath or ornament, for longtime Roxy actress Joylene Taylor.

After two Carols a day, I’m a beaten man. Yet, I’m rejuvenated and revived when I spend a single hour each day with Brandon Meeks, my nephew Fred in the Carol, who has taken on the task of dramaturg for The Winter’s Tale. Travis Kendrick’s morning yoga classes are a hit with Brandon, so I’ll buy a week’s worth at $10 a day (or $40 paid in advance). For Travis himself, I’ll add to his cache of Christmas ornaments a few new sparkling and shining things from Paige King at Hodgepodge.

Alan Lee is new to our company, but a seasoned professional all the same. He carries more than his weight as Marley in A Christmas Carol. He took the leftovers from our Thanksgiving feast and made gumbo … mmm good! I’m sure Monica Drake and Mitchell Ketchens at Ingredients have something culinary worthy of this gourmand.

Our steady and highly skilled stage manager, Adam Kurtz, wrangles the Cratchit children (which is more like herding cats). Other than the usual bag of Jolly Ranchers, pistachio nuts have been added to his diet. I know that Linda, Gary and John Shephard of Edward’s Steakhouse fame, have a gift certificate which he can use for his Detroit family when they come to Clarksville.

A Christmas Carol plays its last run of performances next Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm and Friday and Saturday at 8pm, with a final Saturday matinee at 2pm.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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