Shakespeare Makes “Abridged” Run, While Sound of Music Continues

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on August 12, 2011

Michelle Dickerson, marketing director at Planters Bank here in Clarksville, is a community activist, par excellence, tirelessly working to help bring about good and encourage cooperation in our city. She has joined our board of directors, and this year, like last, she will be heading up “Frolic on Franklin: A Celebration of the Arts” on Saturday, September 17, which culminates with the 29th Anniversary Roxy Gala, beginning 29 years of live theatre on the corner of Franklin and First.

Planters Bank sponsored this production of The Sound of Music and hosted our “Sound of Music SingAlong.” Projecting lyrics above the proscenium arch seemed like a weird and wacky idea, but I no longer scoff at any ideas that bring the new center closer to a reality. And despite a glitch or two, partygoers sang along with the cast, slipping easily into the wonderful world of the von Trapp Family Singers.

Longtime Roxy patrons Anthony and Ana Carmona had made a trip to the laundromat a thing of the past for our actors when they donated a washer/dryer combo to the cast house. But, alas, these things wear out and, thanks to Larry and Barbara Goolsby of Goolsby & Rye Used Appliances, actors can save their quarters and still wash and dry where they live. And when Ryan Bowie had a broken washer full of costumes in mid-cycle and a performance was imminent, the Goolsbys came to the fore yet again. Thank you.

When Parks and Rec Summer Playhouse is finished, and I have moved, awed or simply disappointed some 50-plus aspirants — and when the ten apprentices have gone back to school, while the college interns are deciding after a summer of endless labor at the Roxy if theatre is really for them — I’m in the need, not necessarily of a break, but one last hurrah before summer ends.

To that end, I have coerced Andrew Hulse, Haedyn King and Hugh Poland into The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). Haedyn is my intellectual giant, with improvisational skills far beyond his years. Hugh is my football hero, whose talents on the football field are equaled only by his talents on the stage. Andrew is my odd bird, but brilliant young man, who is liked and loved by everybody for his wild and wacky character choices. JC and Liam Poland are playing off-stagehands, making the fast changes that make this comedy seem effortless.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) plays at 6pm on Friday, August 19 and 26, and Saturday, August 20 and 27, in theotherspace. All tickets are $10. Theotherspace, our 50-seat black-box theatre, is up a number of flights of stairs. The new center for arts and education will have an elevator to its black-box space.

The Sound of Music continues on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7pm and Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, through August 27. Tickets have been selling quickly, so don’t wait too late to reserve yours.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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