Shakespeare and Parking Meters

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on June 28, 2013

I admire educators who introduce their young charges to the beauty of The Bard.

Amanda Pitt did just that with her weeklong drama camp at Clarksville Academy. I joyfully attended a Friday evening performance of a thumbnail rendition of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which she had directed. I laughed, applauded and smiled a lot, especially each time one of those memorable characters came onto the stage and recited a line or two with some modern additions to help clarify and quicken the pace.

I didn’t have a program to discern who played what, but I knew the Titania — Lauren Creighton — from our Little Mermaid Jr. and Saturday class, and the Lysander and Bottom — Stone and Taylor Norris — both children of my yoga instructors at NBalance. They all gave enthusiastic and highly entertaining performances.

Thank you, Amanda, for opening the Shakespeare door and showing your young thespians that even preteens can wrap their minds around iambic pentameter and, in doing so, succeed.

Now for parking meters …

Years ago (30 to be exact), Officer Herndon rode a white three-wheeled scooter and marked tires with chalk. Two hours later, he returned to give tickets to those autos which had not moved.

We keep trying to reinvent the wheel and reeducate people. If downtown parking meters are removed, customers will walk and employees will cavalierly park where customers should have. Employees say they won’t, but human nature takes over.

After the fancy dance we will have to do in reference to finances — not to mention the cost of retraining — in time, everyone will say that it needs to change again. Change. We have had no meters, and we have had meters. Meters are better. People will learn if you are consistent.

Years ago (30 to be exact), Roger Hooper had a bicycle shop on Franklin Street. I went in there one day with the happy news that Clarksville was doing a feasibility study on whether we needed bike paths or not — at which time he bent over behind his desk to pull out a copy of a bike path feasibility study which had been done a few years before. Instead of repeating this cycle by doing yet another survey, why not just close off Franklin from 1st to 2nd Street and make it a pedestrian walkway?

Keeping Saturday’s Downtown Market downtown is wonderful. On Saturdays, the place is hopping. The produce, bread, jams, et al., are worth the trip, because everything is fresh and priced to sell. Each Saturday I find something new; I never leave empty-handed. Next week, it’s cauliflower.

“Performers of the Week” for the second week of Parks & Rec were Jimmy Hochstetler, Riley Jenkins, Liam Palmer, Khadijah Shabazz and Jewel Stewart. Congrats to all!

The Marvelous Wonderettes is a creamsicle of a musical — light, cool and a tasty treat, with songs that help us remember our youth. Funny, touching and good clean fun, it plays its final performances tonight and Saturday at 8pm.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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