Second Matinee of HAPPY DAYS Added on Saturday, August 11, at 2pm

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on July 27, 2012

Beverly Parker says “Scots-Irish.” I used to say — before being so beautifully corrected by such a wonderful artist and fine lady — “Scottish-Irish,” as if I were a whiskey mixed with soda bread.

I’m told there are no McDonalds in Ireland. Back in the day, a Scotsman would probably rather die than wed an Irish girl, but, lonely in steerage and coming over without a shilling to their names, they became more than friendly, as my grandparents Miles and McDonald had done.

I often taught my Irish sensibility as in a willingness to weep at the drop of a hat or cry over a scene from I Remember Mama, Random Harvest, or anything with Irene Dunn. But the Scot part rears its head, too.

I recently mixed a can of beige-brown paint to match the Tudor and Charleston Browns for the ‘50s-style tracked homes envisioned for Happy Days, but I didn’t mix enough to touch up any scuffs from moving them from the basement to stage level. I have been three floors above the stage on a scaffold with not enough purple paint in the can to fill in the topmost square of a patchwork set for Once Upon A Mattress. Luckily, a bit of spit and the last sip of coffee stretched it enough to barely cover.

This shade I had mixed for Happy Days wasn’t within my bailiwick to recreate, but Richard and Steve at the paint counter of Orgain Building Supply can work magic. There are enough slip-ups on any production, but to lose a color means repainting everything. There is never enough time, so I asked them to decode my mixture and recreate a gallon. They did, and you cannot tell where mine ended and theirs began. It’s nice to have good friends in useful places.

Bill Felts was my first contact for help in a field I knew nothing of — paint — how to color it, how to buy it, nor how to use it. I remember buying five gallon jugs of the stuff and having Bill pump out from the color wheel bits of color in coffee cups. Only years later did I understand the generosity of this gesture. I am grateful to him and so many others who could have, but didn’t take advantage of my greenness in all things business.

The 30th Anniversary Roxy Gala invitations are almost ready to go out by snail mail, but email is the best way to reach a wider and more diverse public. If somehow we have allowed you to slip through the cracks, please call the box office at 931-645-7699, and we can rectify that error. And when you do, reserve your tickets for Happy Days as well. It is a true delight, family-friendly and fun, playing Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7pm and Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, through August 18. And due to the popularity of last Saturday’s sold-out matinee, we have added another 2pm matinee on Saturday, August 11.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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