Roxy Regional School of the Arts Opens Disney’s 101 DALMATIANS Jr. Tonight at 6pm!

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on June 1, 2012

It doesn’t seem fair to punish children by taking from them the one thing they love most.

When I was punished as a child, there was little my parents could take away from me, since we had so little in the first place. I do remember my sainted mother threatening me with, “Buddy, if your grades don’t get better, I’m going to have to pull you out of that play.” But she never did.

I do remember once being sent to bed without my supper, but I had a radio in my room and heard for the first time the Texaco broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera. It was Verdi’s Il Trovatore with Leontyne Price, and I was hooked for life. At the time, though, I knew that soulful sound of whatever that woman was singing was exactly the way I was feeling.

We have no choice but to support a parent’s wishes, but when it comes to pulling a child from one performance, it punishes more than the child. It punishes us and the rest of the cast, as we are forced to make alterations and to recast. When that happens, we don’t take out those un-improvements, so the child becomes what my mother threatened me with … “pulled out of that play.”

The performer was only in the ensemble, said the parent, but the axiom holds true: “no small parts, only small actors.” I pleaded my case, and later that evening the child showed up. The parent had second thoughts, thank God, so the performance went on, unaltered.

We’ve been in rehearsal for 101 Dalmatians Jr. since the beginning of the year, another Disney junior musical in a long canon of partnerships with the master of family entertainment to include Beauty and the Beast Jr., Cinderella Jr., Aladdin Jr., Mulan Jr. and others. And in the style of a true repertory company, we will be performing 101 Dalmatians in tandem with The Wedding Singer.

101 Dalmatians Jr., which features the Roxy Regional School of the Arts and stars Ryan Bowie as Cruella De Vil, opens tonight at 6pm, followed by an 8pm performance of The Wedding Singer. We continue on Saturday with a 2pm matinee of The Wedding Singer, followed by a 6pm performance of 101 Dalmatians and an 8pm performance of The Wedding Singer. 101 Dalmatians continues next week, playing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 6pm and next Saturday at 2pm and 6pm, while The Wedding Singer runs through June 23, playing Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7pm and Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm.

Our Summer Playhouse acting classes begin Monday. This is our 24th year of partnership with the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department, and it is a program we are all pleased to be a part of. Classes run through July 12 on Mondays through Thursdays from 1pm until 3pm. The cost is $30 for the entire six weeks, and sign-up is at the Parks and Rec office on Public Square.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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