Rodgers & Hammerstein Celebrated in Cabaret-Style Evenings

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on August 16, 2013

All good things come to an end. Great productions like South Pacific, sadly enough, come to an end as well. But this time it is a bit harder to say goodbye to Rodgers and Hammerstein. Together they have so much heart, so much soul and so much to say.

However, you do have two more occasions to witness the beauty of South Pacific — tonight at 8pm and Saturday at 8pm.

If you have seen South Pacific and would like to see more — or didn’t see it and wish you had — all is not lost. The Roxy is presenting another “on the terrazzo” event, a cabaret-style revue featuring Michael Spaziani, Mickey Rafalski and Ryan Bowie, singing the songs we all know, love and want to hear these handsome and talented young gentlemen sing for us again.

Michael Anthony Spaziani is the consummate director’s dream. During our first conversation, he asked me how I wanted Paris played in our production of Romeo & Juliet. “The way you like,” I answered. “I’ll tell you if I don’t like it.” He played Paris as if he would win the girl; and almost to the end, we in the audience thought he had a chance at it. You can’t teach that, but when someone brings that much to what is considered a thankless role, you know that someone has that certain something to ultimately succeed. Michael was fight captain also, insuring that Darren Michael’s fight choreography stayed intact and remained frightening yet safe.

Mickey Rafalski came to us newly polished, fresh out of drama school. He brought to us the great bulk of his talent and training, portraying a feisty pirate and a charming Lost Boy, all while leaping off a ladder to allow Peter Pan to fly high above the audience’s heads. To Mickey I had expressed a sense of pride, telling him that at 66, thanks to yoga classes at NBalance, I could touch my toes. He said, “That’s great,” and then proceeded to bend at the waist, placing his palms flat and firmly on the floor. Ah, youth!

Everybody likes the affable Ryan Bowie, as well they should. He has been with us for four years now, giving wonderful performances for everything from the lead singer in Forever Plaid (a role he will be reprising this season in our holiday offering, Plaid Tidings) to Uncle Max in The Sound of Music, Bob Cratchit and Nephew Fred in A Christmas Carol, a Lost Boy and pirate in Peter Pan, a baker in Into the Woods, and now a Seabee in South Pacific.

An Evening with Rodgers & Hammerstein, featuring Dr. Vicki King on piano and songs from Carousel, Oklahoma, Cinderella and more, plays August 22 and 29 at 7pm and August 23, 24 and 30 at 8pm. On Saturday, August 31, at 8pm, our trio will be joined by the Cumberland Winds concert band for a special mainstage presentation. Tickets are $20.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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