PETER PAN: A Musical Adventure Opens Tonight for Pay-What-You-Can

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on April 12, 2013

Kentucky’s Horse Cave Theatre has closed its doors, while Nashville’s much acclaimed Schermerhorn struggles. We are not too big to fail. What we are is too busy to pick up the towel, much less throw it in. We are always up and running, if not producing our own shows.

We are making room in this dilapidated venue to house and present such diverse offerings as original works by APSU playwrights; a benefit concert by the Sigma Alpha Iota Women’s Music Fraternity (Saturday, April 27, at 5pm); Red River Breeze in concert (Saturday, May 4, at 5pm); and The Zinghoppers: A Superhero Learning Adventure (Saturday, October 26, at noon and 2pm). We also house the Parks and Rec Summer Theatre program and have done so since 1988.

The secret of keeping a venue up and running is to keep it up and running. A poster for the Schermerhorn listed only four events for the month. That would never do for us. Once the heat is cranked up, it is best to keep it cranked up — much the same for air-conditioning.

There was a great enthusiastic cry and cheering when planning events to coincide with the Sesquicentennial. But I’ve found that so few people are actually interested. The musical The Civil War was a phenomenal piece, and I personally cared deeply for our renditions of The Red Badge of Courage and Civil War Stories. The lack of interest, as reflected in ticket sales, has been disappointing. Perhaps we would have fared better if we had been less civic-minded and produced pieces with more commercial appeal, like Hello Dolly, for instance.

As I have done for so many years now come a Sunday matinee in early April, I will attend APSU’s spring opera offering. I long to again become lost in the excellent music and youthful enthusiastic singing, performed by a band of opera presenters who have yet to disappoint me.

This year’s APSU Opera offering, Hansel and Gretel, promises to be yet another hit and a reason to leave the solitude of home and enter into the public eye. I love the youthful enthusiasm of the talented and well-schooled performers and look forward every year to witnessing the beauty of young voices, artful staging of Lisa Conklin-Bishop, and imaginative settings created by Kyra Bishop. I’ve never been disappointed.

Peter Pan (Richie Sklar) soars above the pasteboard sky and, wire notwithstanding, will leave children young and old awed and amazed. There is nothing lost about these Lost Boys: Ty Baumann, Ryan Bowie, John Curtis, J. Robert Lindsey, Mickey Rafalski and Michael Spaziani.

We have culled an incredible cast of young, agile and well-schooled performers, all artfully choreographed as Lost Boys, pirates and Indians by Jessica Davidson, daughter of legendary choreographer and dance instructor, the late Rosemary Norris.

Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure opens tonight at 8pm for pay-what-you-can (any tickets not pre-sold at the regular ticket price go on sale at 7:30pm) and continues tomorrow night at 8pm.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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