LES MISERABLES Opens with Pay-What-You-Can on Friday, Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on March 28, 2014

I took that drive up the high winding road to High Meadow. My blood pressure lowered and my heart lightened to see my ol’ friends and enjoy their warm hospitality.

This, of course, had been impossible during the week of snow. God is good, for we had no field trips scheduled that week; and, due to the white stuff, we could have more rehearsal time.

My braced and bespectacled gentleman with the beautiful and gracious wife had been incarcerated high on that hilltop for days, with food supplies growing thin and even peanut butter running low. But all was gone by Thursday (notwithstanding a mailbox, due to its meeting up with a snow plow).

Jimmy and Lena Orgain let me see the beautiful handwritten thank-you notes they received from Tabernacle Christian School for offering a performance of Tales of Hans Christian Andersen, which Orgain Building Supply had so generously produced.

“Dear Mr. & Mrs. Orgain: On behalf of the administration, faculty and staff, we want to thank you for the generous financial gift of our school’s admission to the Roxy Regional Theatre. As you will see in the attached student thank-you cards, we truly enjoyed every minute of the performance. God bless and keep you!” [Mrs. Katobwa Stallworth, Tabernacle Christian School Principal]

Below are a few of the kindergarteners’ hand-printed thank-you notes:

“Thank you for paying four me to go to the roxe tre. Every show wais fune and fantashc.”

“Thank you for leting us go. I like the part were the guy fell.”

“You are the best pel I hav evr see.”

“I loved all of your people there. The shose was brilant”

“I ijoed going to the roxy! The stores are grat. The caricrs wr fun!”

“Thank you. We like all of them. I like the storry that was dremadick.”

“The play wus funee.”

I didn’t go to preschool, nor to kindergarten, and could not put printed letters together until the third grade, so I’m more than overly impressed by what Reverend Terry and his staff have been able to accomplish.

I never learned to spell. My good friend in New York, Jake Dahlman, says when he receives a letter from me, “… no matter, I just sound it out …”

As Victor Hugo says in Les Miserables, “God rewards all the good that we do.” And it’s true. I know I was rewarded in presenting Much Ado About Nothing without a single snowed-out performance and in having George and Sharon Mabry support our efforts toward the new center for arts and education.

Les Miserables previews tonight with our traditional pay-what-you-can performance. Tickets not already sold at the regular price will be available at 7:30pm for a donation (suggested amount is the price of a movie ticket).

Saturday’s grand opening coincides with the Broadway revival. After the 8pm show, audience members are invited onstage to join the actors for champagne and comestibles. Come and see up-close where all the magic happens. Tickets are $50.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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