Key West Vacation Ends, 30th Anniversary Season Begins

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on September 21, 2012

“Paris!” That’s how I respond when someone on holiday asks me where I’m from.

No, I’m not ashamed of being from Tennessee, or of being from Clarksville, for that matter. But to the unschooled, I have to explain north of Nashville, etc., etc., which then becomes a quiz on country music — as if I’m an expert on the subject (which I am not). When I complain about this quiz business, I’m often told they are just making conversation. Well, make it somewhere else; I’m on holiday.

However, I will tell every waiter, waitress, hostess or concierge some story that I find very witty or clever, which they then are forced to find amusing as well. I have, it seems, a double standard. You think?

There was a bicycle, since the ides of March, waiting for me in Key West. Six months later, when I picked it up, it still had a large silver bow on it (if by now a bit limp — the bow, that is). Bike people are a unique breed of gentle souls. I think of Roger Hooper, Chris Brander and Sam Holt of The Bicycle Center of Clarksville. There is something about the languid carefreeness of bicyclists. I’ve had Joey Weyand in my thoughts and know he was keeping an eye out for me as I twisted and turned through Conch traffic.

Neptune took my keys while there, but I deserved it. I had been smug in paradise and needed a reality check, so Neptune gave it to me. But I didn’t panic, as I had done fifty years ago in summer stock. We all went out to play in the surf one night, and a wave washed away a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles which I fancied made me look like Tom Courtenay in Dr. Zhivago. I suppose I was vain, so Neptune took them away. The group of us frantically searched the ever-changing surf for far too long before finally giving up. This last time, I gave up quickly; I didn’t bother to search.

Our 30th Anniversary season opening went well, and the Gala even better. We are now into our fall season and our hopes are even higher for a new center for arts and education. Thank you, Gala goers!

I went in for surgery under the expertise of Dr. Kurt Kowalski (you have to love a doctor who has the same name as one of my favorite characters in literature, Stanley Kowalski) and am recovering while Roxy favorite, dear friend and the multitalented Ted Jones goes on for me during the second week of “9 to 5.” I’m so grateful to so many people who have pulled the fat out of the fire for me over the years. To name them all would take the entire newspaper.

9 to 5: The Musical, starring Broadway and MTV star Bailey Hanks, continues this Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm, Friday at 8pm, and Saturday at 2pm with a 7:30pm “Wine & Theatre” night.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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