Kendall Anne Thompson’s Back and the Roxy’s Got Her!

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on March 15, 2013

“Gable’s back and Garson’s got him!” So read the publicity for a film which welcomed Clark Gable back to Hollywood after service in World War II. I would like to tout Kendall Anne Thompson as being back, and the Roxy’s got her!

Kendall is more widely known here as “The Green Girl” from her performance in Shout: The Mod Musical. She also wowed audiences in Spring Awakening, Hamlet, The Sound of Music, Doubt and The Civil War, just to name a few — a talent with technique par excellence.

By her example, the Saturday School of the Arts always retort, when given a note, creative criticism or advice, with a simple “thank you.” They got that from Kendall. You learn your craft by observing the best.

I was given an empty bowl for Christmas by my dear friend Mamie Jean Harper and her daughter Brenda and her husband Jim. Or, rather, I was given tickets to the Loaves and Fishes Fundraiser. I went with my best friend, Leslie, and we each picked out a beautiful handcrafted bowl.

In the past, we had painted some ourselves for this fundraiser. Not unlike the no-bake bake sale, we paid to paint a bowl and someone paid to buy a bowl — perfect. I’m always impressed when one item or thing does double-duty. You give the worth for a worthy cause, a donation not to have to buy a cake, and I give the same donation not to have to bake one. It’s a win-win situation, one which saves time, energy and calories. How pleased I was to have received such a gift.

For our Christmas gathering at F&M Bank, we were more than fortunate to have had Red River Breeze play during dinner. I had heard them perform and purchased their CDs at the Downtown Market (another super event which will return this spring). I had said that if they would play for us, we would be pleased to have them perform in concert at the Roxy. Please mark your calendars now for Saturday, May 4, at 5pm.

I’m using Red River Breeze’s music — and it fits perfectly — for Romeo & Juliet, which closes Saturday night after a week’s worth of double-headers playing to Advantage Learning Center, Kenwood High, Lewisburg Middle, Northeast High, Northwest High, Todd Central High and West Creek Middle Schools, among others.

APSU professor Darren Michael has created and choreographed the stage fights for our production of Romeo & Juliet. They are awe-inspiring and appear to be very cruel, unique and dangerous. We are so pleased to have his expertise and vast theatrical experience as part of our annual Shakespeare.

Romeo & Juliet plays its final performances tonight at 8pm and Saturday at 2pm and 8pm. All tickets are $10.

The “play about a hat” plays in theotherspace next Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm and next Friday and Saturday at 8pm, with a talkback by the author, Stephen Adly Guirgis, following Saturday’s performance. All tickets are $15.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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