Happy Thanksgiving to All… A CHRISTMAS CAROL Opens This Friday at 8pm

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on November 25, 2011

I spent a large part of Kyra Bishop’s spring break working alongside her, here at the Roxy. I couldn’t let go of the glorious handiwork she had done for the convent scene in The Sound of Music. The set was so beautifully conceived and artfully executed that I knew, with some creative reconstruction, it would serve as the square flanking the guillotine in A Tale of Two Cities.

Backstage during The Sound of Music, I stared in wonder at a door that no one used, as it was a trompe l’oeil one. On its reverse, it had a windowless window painted so exquisitely that you would think, like the door, that it, too, was accessible.

Talent like Kyra’s is born, but the art of using it is learned. Kyra is now back at Webster University, learning more so as to better apply her innate talent and skill to other productions.

Thanksgiving brought to mind the thankfulness one has for so many people:

• For my braced and bespectacled gentleman with the gracious and beautiful wife, who has given us the greatest gift — hope;

• For Ann Waddle, who brings her Title I children and parents to witness, perhaps many for the first time, live theatre here at the Roxy;

• For our board of directors — Walter Marczak, Reid Poland, Barry Kitterman, Michelle Dickerson, Bruce Jobe, Judi Sinks, Joseph Britton, Nancye Britton, Piper Bell, Lisa Conklin-Bishop, Britney Campbell, Annelle Gracey, Debbie Jobe, Paige King, Linda Shephard, Barb Williams, Mary Nell Wooten — who steer this theatre like a great ship and are on board to support and give direction to the new center for arts and education;

• For all of the educators who use the Roxy as a tool to bring literature and its appreciation forward and make this undying art form accessible to many;

• For the merchants of Franklin Street who post our posters and decorate their windows in support of our season of productions;

• For those who attend plays, even when they aren’t musicals;

• For that great ensemble of Christmas Carol-ers, notwithstanding the children who are masters of make-believe and pretend, breathing fresh, new life into an age-old story;

• For all of those 1000×1000 givers, Gala-goers, “Mint Julep and Gershwin” attendees, and everyone who purchased a ticket or two, as well as all of those yet to be enriched, enlivened and enlightened by the experience that only live theatre can give;

• For the men and women of Kroger who, in this remodeling chaos, have stopped everything and, with a smile and upbeat attitude, shown me where things have moved;

• For Mayor Kim and our city street department for the new bicycle routes;

• And for the toys which will be placed under the Roxy’s tree for needy children as part of Q108’s “Cares for Kids” toy drive, which will turn a gift into a ticket for tonight’s 8pm performance of A Christmas Carol.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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