Growing Up With the Arts

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on August 3, 2011

When I was a little girl, I always looked forward to Saturday afternoons at Grandma’s house. Many would assume I loved Grandmas house because of the cooking and the aroma that comes with the experience, but that wasn’t the case. On any given Saturday, you could find me right in front of Grandma and Papas television, dressed up in my best “theatre” attire, enthralled in the musical film “The Sound of Music.” From the beautiful scenery to the captivating musical numbers, there was something so magical in the film that inspired me. As I grew up, the arts continued to be a huge influence in my life, which eventually led me to enroll as a Vocal Performance major at Austin Peay State University. As I began my studies, I became extremely involved in the fabulous opera program Austin Peay offers. After participating in the fall production, I jumped on the opportunity to audition for the Spring production. Upon meeting the other cast members, I was introduced to John McDonald. Not only was I thrilled to be a apart of such a great opera, but I was thrilled to have a chance to work with the great talent that John McDonald is. While rehearsing, I could see myself grow as an actor due to the extra direction I received from John. After Ben and the Virtues made its debut, John presented an opportunity for me to be apart of the Roxy’s production of The Sound of Music. I could not refuse. To say that my experience at the Roxy Regional Theatre has been nothing but a joy would be an understatement. I am so ecstatic to be surrounded by people who not only love to perform, but who love to work as well. Not only have I gained massive amounts of experience, but I know that I have made friendships that will last lifetimes. Thank you, once again, Roxy Regional Theatre for all that you do not only for me but for the beautiful city of Clarksville.
– – Erin Keas

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