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by RoxyRegionalTheatre on August 23, 2013

Our new season brochure is out, and so are the invitations for our 31st Anniversary Roxy Gala. If you have not received one or both, please contact us at (931) 645-7699.

The curtain is barely down on South Pacific, the final production of our 30th season. However, it is still warm in our memories and will remain so for many seasons to come. I know this because our audiences come from a diverse and wildly different demographic — not unlike my parents, who were not theatregoers as such (much less aficionados of musical theatre), yet owned the original cast album of South Pacific.

And of course, as a kid, I listened to the album but didn’t understand “Younger Than Springtime,” nor “Some Enchanted Evening” nor “Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair.” I didn’t then — I was ten. But now I do, and the universal truth of those lyrics hits you as it hit me. It hits first in your aloneness and later in your own personal loneliness. But then those songs bring you out of your young singleness, and you feel a sense of empathy and compassion from an unknown source coming off of a circular piece of black revolving vinyl.

Our cabaret event on the terrazzo, An Evening with Rodgers & Hammerstein, continues this Friday and Saturday at 8pm. Dr. Vicki King tickles the ivory and Dr. Thomas King provides narration to accompany the singing of Michael Spaziani, Mickey Rafalski and Ryan Bowie again next Thursday at 7pm and next Friday at 8pm. At 8pm next Saturday, August 31, they will be joined by the Cumberland Winds concert band for a special mainstage presentation.

It is very dear that Fort Campbell MWR’s marketing director Melissa Schaffner, as a tribute to her father, ends our season with a big band blowout. This is a very special way to end our 30th season and segue into our 31st. Which one of us would not give a gift to our parents were they, unlike mine, still alive to receive them?

My own mother loved buttermilk; but as she slowly slipped away over a few numbing months, I never once thought to offer her a glass of buttermilk. Those of us who have lost a parent (or worse, both) know in our hearts what it would mean, just for a split second, to offer them a kindness — any kindness. It’s the living to whom we should give the roses.

Melissa’s dad wrote orchestrations which haven’t been heard in awhile, but next Saturday all that will change when Robert Schaffner will hear again the music played live on the Roxy stage by the Cumberland Winds concert band. This is what theatre is about — everything old is new again. Admission for An Evening with Rodgers & Hammerstein is $20. Tickets for the “on the terrazzo” performances are available online at or at the box office; tickets for the August 31 performance are only available by cash or check at the box office or through Cumberland Winds.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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