Facelifts and the Fourth

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on July 5, 2013

I don’t use Angie’s List — I have no need. You see, I have David Foster at Orgain Building Supply, and he has a list of the best of the best local artisans. I needed a carpenter, so he gave me Jim Grubb, a gentle soul with a walrus mustache who is a wizard with wood.

I needed a painter — not the Michelangelo nor the Clare Coyle Taylor or Amber Wallace variety, but someone who knew his way around a corner and could patch (and repair) as well as paint a surface. I asked Steve Thompson at Orgain’s paint department, and he referred me to Jeff Kelly to give the Roxy a much-needed facelift.

I personally had smeared Impervo on the face of the theatre three times since turning an abandoned movie theater into a viable regional theatre.

When we acquired the property from Jimmy Maynard back in ’83, its under marquee was Eye-Ease Green, that unpleasant, un-eye-catching, non-intrusive color which is more likely than not found in dull public buildings. Carmello Roman, his brothers and I fashioned a design using school bus yellow and a purple that matched the rusting marquee.

A hundred productions later, I gave it another go with Fire Engine Red, grey and white, with my late friend Jim McDonald doing details, signs pointing to tickets and a hand pointing to the box office. Dear Jim had painted the words “dinner theatre” in big, bold letters, “dinner” on one side of the lobby wall and “theatre” on the other. A week later, we received our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, which required us to stop serving dinner. I was pleased to see it go. Jim painted over “dinner,” replacing it with “theatre,” so the lobby boasted “theatre theatre.”

The current peeling paint reveals the myriad of colors the Roxy has been since it was built in 1947. The building has been, at one time or another, every color of the rainbow. However badly needed, the facelift does not signal anything other than, until we do reconfigure this corner of Franklin and First, we can at least put on a new face and, perhaps in doing so, show our respect for downtown Clarksville’s city center.

Parks & Rec “Performers of the Week” for the third week were Bailey Bailey, Sydney Barksdale, Dom Frentzos and Emma Goff. Congrats to all!

Again the theatre is dark for the Fourth of July weekend, no performances but lots of rehearsals. We had tried for years to bring in an audience from the fireworks and cookouts, but that was a lost cause.

We’ll be in rehearsal on the Fourth, but of course we’ll have the cast over afterward. I don’t mean to be a task master, but as Marge Lillard is quick to espouse, we work on a “short fuse.” In other words, from the moment the actors arrive, they hit the ground running. There are only ten days until South Pacific‘s final dress rehearsal, so, apart from Sunday, there is no other time off.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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