Even After Turkey Is Put Away, Thanks Continue

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on December 6, 2013

On Thanksgiving Day, we had turkey with all the trimmings. We ate turkey sandwiches late Thursday night, turkey and eggs on Friday morning, turkey casserole on Friday night with leftover sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, pumpkin pie and stuffing stuffed in cornbread.

My partner, Tom, puts a layer of stuffing and bits of turkey scrounged from the bones, covering it with what cranberry sauce and gravy is left and all the vegetables that didn’t make it onto the plate. Then he makes a sort of shepherd’s pie topping of potatoes (mashed and yams), puts it in the freezer, and sometime in late spring we play Thanksgiving again.

The day may be over, but my thanks continue. I am grateful for …

• Carole Mercer, who brings generations to the theatre.

• Isabella-Sophia’s Kimberlee Cavin for Rocky’s golden locks and Daisy’s blonde bob.

• Couture Crush’s Kaley Drew for the loan of beautiful and stylish Gatsby women’s wardrobe.

• Jimmy Winters and his crew, who brought new life to the corner of First and Strawberry Alley by opening a new place to eat, imbibe and socialize.

• Modern Shoe Repair’s Bob Napier, who repairs footwear in no time so “the shoe can go on.” I’ve used his shoes to play Scrooge since the first go-round — even when I stand on my head!

• Meredith Gildrie, who is there to repair, redo and refurbish costumes when seats split out of pants, torn hems detract attention, or before a stitch needs nine.

• Helga Ricci, who makes theatre a reason to gather. She never attends solo, always with a group, and is a longtime friend of Tom’s late mother and devoted friend to us all.

• Tom and Chris Schmitt and their devoted group of Dover Catholics who manage to make the Roxy a monthly stop on their agenda. They dine at Edward’s (get 10% off) and cross the street to see some good theatre.

• For my friends at Orgain Building Supply — David Foster, Darian Castleberry and Jimmy Brewer. A. Schwab, an old dry goods store in Memphis which has been around forever, has a saying, “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.” Orgain’s slogan should be, “If we don’t have it, we’ll order it, and you’ll have it by Thursday.” I’ve often said that you must find a good paint department when starting a theatre, and I’ve found Orgain’s Steve Thompson and Richard Allen. When I mix up (God forbid) my own blend of color and run out, I used to go crazy trying to recreate the color. No worries — I just take a smear of it to Orgain’s, and they save my skin.

Our holiday edition of Forever PlaidPlaid Tidings — plays tonight at 8pm and Saturday at 2pm and 8pm. Performances continue next Wednesday at 7pm and Friday and Saturday at 8pm. Next Thursday, December 12, is “Christmas Over The Cumberland,” featuring dinner at F&M Bank at 5pm and Plaid Tidings at 7pm.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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