Creating a Family

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on May 6, 2011

I can’t believe how wonderful this cast is! I have never been more impressed with the talent level and openness of an entire cast like I have with this one. Everyone is so supportive and collaborative; it makes for a really great environment to grow as a performer. And on top of that, the staff allows us to continue to explore throughout the process.

But let me give you some insight into our lives outside of the theatre. We all like to hang out together as much as possible. From going to the gym together, to doing yoga at the theatre with John and Susan, to eating dinner across the street at Front Page, you can more that likely see a few of us together at any time of day. Not only do we live together, but also we enjoy most of our free time together.

Now, we are split into two different houses, but last week during all the thunderstorms and tornado warnings here in Clarksville, that all changed. Everyone ended up at our house on 2nd Street and we ended up having a three-day motel at our place. The other house lost power for most of the week so they just stayed at our house until they got their power back. Everyone was sleeping on couches and futons with only the spare pillows and sheets we had available. But it was the most enjoyable experience outside of the show that I’ve had since I arrived here. And now we hang out at each other’s houses all the time and we continue to get closer as the run goes on.

Bryan Benware

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