Clarksville is Rich in the History of the Civil War

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on April 19, 2011

I am so excited to be working at the Roxy Regional Theatre here in Clarksville, TN. Especially in “Civil War.” I have had a huge fascination with Civil War history since I was in middle school. I even wrote a play in fifth grade about a drummer boy in the war. It wasn’t very good but you can see why this show holds a special place in my heart. And the added bonus of getting to do the musical in such a historical town as Clarksville has made it an even better experience.

Clarksville has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life, and I’ve been very fortunate to be able to travel a lot in my time. I’ve been all across America, all the way to Hawaii and across the Atlantic Ocean to Germany. Clarksville has such an iconic Americana look all around the town, but especially downtown near the theatre. There is a spot that some of the cast members go to eat lunch that looks over the river and an old looking train bridge with a beautiful field across the river and the rolling hills just beyond that stretch into the horizon. This has to be the most gorgeous spots that I have ever seen and I can see why people love to live here. Its almost like I’m looking at the history of America from that spot.

But back to the show. I also get the opportunity to work with such a wonderfully talented and fun cast, as well as one of the most kind and delightful production staffs in Tom and John that I’ve ever had a chance to work with/for. I am very grateful to them for the opportunity they have given me, and the group of people they’ve put on stage with me. I know that this is going to be one of the best experiences of my career.

So far, the rehearsals have gone very well. In three days we were able to stage the entire show and work through all the music. And after just a week and a day, we’ve already had our first dress rehearsal and started perfecting certain parts of the show. Now, you’d probably think that there’s no way that the show could be in great shape after such a short period of time, but we are in such great shape that I feel confidant enough to be able to open tomorrow after rehearsal. The cast we have has been so professional and on top of their work and is so talented that I have never once been concerned since the first read through. And Tom has been such a wonderful director that any problems that have occurred, have been worked out quickly and that is so helpful for actors.

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