Christmas Gifts All Around for CAROL Cast

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on December 11, 2015

This is my last Christmas.

It isn’t a premonition, nor an omen (although I firmly believe in both). I know, with retirement, my “Clarence” Christmas closet will not be replenished for next Christmas. I have to cut back, slow down clear out and clean up.

For years I collected pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, and for years I gave them away to my Saturday class. Last Christmas the Department 56 Dickens Village went to each and every Cratchit child. Over the years I had amassed a vast collection of postcards from various places I’ve visited. Last year I wrapped packets of twenty-five with ornaments which also had been collected.

With that said, the cast of A Christmas Carol will gather at my home to wish each other all the best for the happiest of holidays and all good wishes for the New Year — so gifts of thanks are apropos.

James Hansen, our Bob Cratchit, is a swell, good-natured chap whose only fault, for me, is what to serve a vegan at a cast party. So for a gift I’m getting him an assortment of nuts from Kroger.

Our Fred, Jonathan Whitney, is another matter, brilliant as Jekyll and Hyde and perfect for Nephew Fred. For him I have found a book on Dickens at Books-a-Million. I hope I’m not being overly sentimental in thinking he is as pleased to be working with us as I am at having him here.

Lindsay Nantz, our Mary, spotted a shawl at Mildred & Mable’s — but before I could buy it for her, she had already gotten it. Well, at least now I know her taste and can find some companion piece to go with it. I’m sure Anne at Rogate’s, just up the street, will aid me in this task.

Kelley Barker, our Mrs. Cratchit, and the rest of the cast find half-price appetizers at Edward’s Steakhouse on Thursday nights a regular tradition, so a gift card is an easy fit and fix.

My favorite actress and best friend, Leslie Greene, was photographed in her brilliant one-woman show, The Year of Magical Thinking, and Glenn Edgin of The Framemaker has brilliantly and tastefully framed it, as he has done for all of our Galas.

I know the Downtown Artists Co-op has cards, Peggy Bonnington’s gift ties and loads of Roxy photos, prints and watercolors. Matt Smolko’s return says a lot about the theatre, so it will be two gifts in one, supporting our local artists and giving a memento of performances well done here at the Roxy.

And lastly, what to give our new stage manager, Elizabeth Coleman, a Vanderbilt graduate … what more could I give her once she has that? But I’ve reminded myself that green goes with everything.

A Christmas Carol continues tonight (Friday) at 8:00pm and Saturday at 2:00pm and 8:00pm, with the final performances on December 16 and 17 at 7:00pm, December 18 at 8:00pm, and December 19 at 2:00pm.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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