Barbeque at The Baggetts’ A Success, Despite Rain

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on May 25, 2012

The day of the Baggett fete, it rained, although “Local Weather on the 8’s” and the 7-day forecast had touted sunshine. After a week of no worries, the day came and what I hadn’t feared, happened. I had not prayed for good weather. My prayers had been to not have foot-in-mouth disease, nor to step on any toes with a thoughtless or glib remark.

I arrived at Herb and Sallie Baggetts’ after starting the second performance of “13” (which is always deadly, for what hasn’t gone wrong on the first will on the second) and found everything ready for a soiree to beat the band. The rain had subsided, and the home’s surrounding porch was presented to perfection and precluded the use of tents of any kind.

The morning of their daughter Adair’s wedding, it rained cats and dogs. I had offered the Roxy’s tents, just in case. The case came, and so did a handsome array of groomsmen who picked up the tents. But by the time of the wedding, the sky had cleared, just as it did for the barbeque.

Sallie asked that the tables be covered with brown paper. I had thought that plastic gingham would be better, but she was right. Sango Village Florist put together arrangements of sunflowers and raffia. The earth tones of their home place were not disturbed. It was Martha Stewart perfection.

Wayne Abrams, Bubba’s Tennessee Smokers’ Chief Cook and last year’s Tennessee State Grand Champion, had started the barbeque perfection at 2am. He may have been sleepless, but he managed to recreate his award-winning menu for 75.

Thank you to all who made our “Barbeque at The Baggetts” fundraiser a success: Margaret & Leo Adames, Tommie Allen, Coy & JoAnn Baggett, Gene & Dorothy Baggett, Johnny & Beth Baggett, Tim & Linda Barnes, Jeannie Beauchamp, Dee Boaz, Dave & Cathy Boles, Gerald Bonner, Jan Brannen, Jeremy & Mary Chandler, Pat & Linda E. Cunningham, Dan & Michelle Dickerson, Ron & Cheryl Edmondson, Brian & Josie Fuller, Larry & Barbara Goolsby, Ken Grambihler, David & Janet Haase, Charlsie & John Halliburton, Linda Hamm, Evans & Sherri Harvill, Janice Hightshoe, Kathy Higinbotham, Vanessa Hollis & Guest, Dr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Karr, Baiba Kelley, Ed & Eunice Kern, Mr. & Mrs. William Kimbrough, Garnett & Nancy Ladd, Bob & Suzanne Langford, Tim & Kris Lee, Jim & Dottie Mann, Walter Marczak, Ron & Suzanne McCafferty, Hal & Elizabeth McCoy, Jimmy & Lena Orgain, Jim & Lee Anne Orgain, Wayne & Bobbi Pace, Beverly Parker, Margaret Parker, Reid & McClure Poland, Tony & Margaret Primm, Jeff & Margo Purvis, Sheila Runyon, Steve & Susan Salyers, Vicki Singer, Judi Sinks, J.T. & Diane Smith, Susan & Shan Smith, Scott & Catherine Thomas, Steve & Teresa Tronnes, John Wallace, Mary Nell Wooten and, of course, Herb, Sallie and Lillie Baggett.

Tonight is pay-what-you-can for The Wedding Singer. Tickets go on sale at 7:30pm for an 8pm curtain.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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