Bad Weather Results in Missed Opportunities

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on February 11, 2011

I am not totally altruistic, but I am honestly disappointed when we have to cancel eleven performances due to the weather.  We miss so many glorious opportunities to engage, enlighten and enliven young people, letting them know the arts are alive and well in their own hometown, and hopefully have them continue to be avid theatre-goers.

Perhaps through seeing these stories brought to life, they will want to know more or read more and/or be better for having seen these short stories brought to life and learn again the lessons they teach, while hopefully enjoying the tales we perform.  Little Red Cap: “Stay on the path,” “do what your parents tell you to do,” and “don’t talk to strangers, and avoid wolves at all costs.”  The Princess and The Pea: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” or “things are never as they appear.”  The Fisherman and His Wife: “Don’t be greedy” or “find happiness in what you have.”  Rumplestiltskin: “Don’t exaggerate your worth” and “better not barter with your future.”

Missing eleven performances puts us in jeopardy, for bills must be paid whether we perform or not.  The adage “the show must go on” only holds true if the snow doesn’t come and the big yellow buses arrive.  In the past, when performances were canceled, I would bounce off the walls like an Indian rubber ball.  Now I take it in stride and just scream out the back door an expletive followed by “Happy Holiday!”  I annoy only my dear neighbors, the Eichhorn-Kittermans — Barry, Jill and Hannah — but they have grown used to my various eccentricities.

Jo Ledbetter left this life around my birthday.  I had not read the obituaries that week, for fear of finding myself there, so I missed her departure.  I took great pleasure in helping her into the theatre and storing her “potato” (that’s what she called her walker).  She had a childlike awe and expressed abject joy at seeing a performance here at the Roxy.  She was the last to leave, yet always the first with a kind word … no, not kind … honest and always gracious and generous in her appreciation and praise.  I miss her.

Tonight (Friday) at 8pm is our pay-what-you-can night for the Fats Waller musical, Ain’t Misbehavin’.  Director and choreographer Ryan Bowie has created an incredible ensemble, adding newcomers Rendell DeBose and Brittney Mack to an already seasoned cast of veterans Keith Patrick McCoy, Roslyn Seale and Faith Boles.  “This Joint Is Jumpin’” is not only a song title, but also a mood that pervades the entire production, a celebration of the Harlem Renaissance.

Tomorrow at 2pm is the final Saturday matinee of Once Upon A Time, an engaging retelling of fairy tales performed by a delightful cast which doubles as the Ain’t Misbehavin’ troupe.  Saturday at 6:30pm is our sixth annual “Martinis with …” event, and on Sunday we take The Vagina Monologues on tour to Fort Campbell’s Enlisted Spouse Club.

See you at the theatre!

[John McDonald]

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