You can proudly have a stake in this groundbreaking arts and education facility.

Take a part in making the Roxy Center for Arts and Education a reality.

Roxy Center of Arts and Education (Prospectus Download)

You who attend the Roxy Regional Theatre already know what great importance a professional theatre has in adding to the quality of life in our community.  We have been producing live theatre here on the corner of Franklin and First for over 28 years, enriching, enlivening and enlightening through our curriculum-based plays, popular musicals and cutting-edge theatre pieces.

Saved from a wrecking ball in 1983 to build a parking lot, the converted 1947 movie house in which the Roxy Regional Theatre has spent the past 28 years is no longer economically or artistically feasible. Although the Roxy has garnered numerous awards and national recognition for producing quality professional theatre and introducing thousands of youth and other constituents in the region to the experience that only the arts can bring, the building in which we currently reside was never intended for the performing arts.

Thus, the Roxy Regional Theatre has begun a transformative step for the arts in the region, creating an opportunity to further anchor and broaden our commitment to serving this community, by building a new Center for Arts and Education. The new building will replace the current 153-seat structure with a 500-seat state-of-the-art auditorium and stretch over the current parking areas to the side and rear, encompassing a scene shop, loading deck, public art gallery, local artists gallery, dressing rooms, bar, dance studio and artists studios.

The mission of the Roxy Regional Theatre will continue and yet expand with the new Center for the Arts. The Roxy’s scope of community awareness of the performing arts is most profound and will be telescoped further with the more expanded facility.  These include, without any particular order:

  • Continuing community awareness of the performing arts, creative writing, visual arts, and crafts,
  • Advocating and supporting Tennessee arts and the region as these relate to our cultural heritage,
  • Developing and promoting the exhibitions and presentations of artists, both established and beginning,
  • Presenting timely and culturally significant performances to a wide variety of audiences, such as youngsters versus adult presentations,
  • Supporting and actively pursuing educational opportunities for school children at all levels,
  • Providing an opportunity for economic benefit to restaurants, clubs, shops, and other businesses within the area, and
  • Projecting the talents of local actors and artists to the community and region

We are currently in the midst of our 1000 x 1000 fundraising campaign, in which our goal is to raise one million dollars by getting 1,000 people to donate $1,000 toward the new center.  With the funds raised through this campaign, we hope to encourage greater corporate support for this project by demonstrating the interest and involvement of the community.  While these $1,000 pledges are rapidly launching us toward our goal, we understand that these larger donations are not always feasible in the current economic climate and with all of your other charitable commitments.  Donations of any amount, or those pledged on a monthly or quarterly basis, will help us to reach our fundraising goals, bringing us closer to beginning construction on the new building and bolstering our resolve to continue to offer quality theatre to Middle Tennessee and all who visit here.

Join our list of supporters today by making your donation to the Roxy Regional Center for Arts and Education!