A Return to the South

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on April 13, 2011

Rendell DeBose

Here we are again. It’s so good to back at the Roxy. It was nice to leave the cold winters of New York City and come to the beautiful spring weather of Clarksville. I forgot how much I love it here all the pollen messes with my allergies. It’ s also great to see faces I haven’t seen in a while. I loved seeing Tom, John. And it’s always cool to meet a new cast. They seem awsome so far. And I am so excited to work with them. Also with Ryan, my old directer from Ain’t Misbehavin’.
We started rehearsals this week. It went really well today. Today is the second day of rehearsals and it is already moving pretty quickly. We have really been focusing on music. I started working on music last week while I was still in New York City. And it’s still really difficult.
I am happy to be working on this project as well. This show has so much importance. I am also happy to be playing a important role in our history, Frederick Douglass. I want to do my part in this production. I would love if everyone, who comes to the show leaves feeling for these characters. Which, I think they will.
Now, I’m just doing research for the show and learning lines and music. Actually, I’m gettin ready to watch a civil war documentery in a an hour. I’m so exited to see where reahersal goes and developing more creativity with the production. Already, I love where it’s going and this will hopfully be one of the best shows my life. Can’t wait for you guys to see it. Take care.

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