A Journey to Mars

by RoxyRegionalTheatre on March 24, 2011

Gili Getz. a graduate of NYC’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts, made his Roxy debut last season as George in OF MICE AND MEN and Duke Senior in AS YOU LIKE IT.  Gili returns to the Roxy stage this spring for William Shakespeare’s HAMLET and BEA(U)TIFUL IN THE EXTREME.

As we rehearse Bea(u)tiful in the Extreme today, on top of the fact it’s a fun show to do, I was strongly reminded why I love being an actor. To begin with, every play takes me on a different journey, to a place I never expected to go and am fascinated to discover. In this case the first United States expedition in 1804 across the continent. Learning about the political and social condition of the young country led by Jefferson who had the goal to find a way to the Pacific Coast (Northwest Passage) for trade and expansion. The national effort to explore the west and create a relationship with the different Indian tribes, the scientific and social questions and the technical challenges to accomplish what will end up being a big part of this great country we love, is an amazing journey and I am really enjoying learning about those times.
The second reason I love taking this journey is the people I get to “know” and learn about, in this case the incredible Lewis and Clark. I knew, of course, about them but getting to really know what was it like to be them and go though this incredible experience, trying to connect to their humanity not just as historical figure but as human beings with good days and bad days with parents friends slaves. As they go though fear courage and doubt. And amazing moment in the play when Lewis questions his work and the meaning of it is very interesting. We also get to spent time with the other members of the expedition. How they got along, how they react to the new world and new culture they encounter. This will be the equivalent of today to going to mars. And I get in a small way experience what was it like. It is a blessing.
The next play will take me somewhere else and to someone else.
I just saw the play Doubt at the Roxy last night and besides being an AMAZING show, I realized that beyond the headlines in the news (of sexual abuse) there are real people in the church that have doubt and suspicion as they come across unusual behavior.

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